In the sea of people, it is rare to find someone quite like Christopher King. We first met Chris while exhibiting at the Abbot Kinney Festival in Venice Beach. He will admit that the Album Surfboard standing outside our booth is what drew him in. However it was shortly after that initial pull that he instantly connected with the mission of TRATO. As an avid surfer himself, Chris could relate the connection between the sea and the earth and the urgency to protect both. That evening, Chris emailed me inquiring about becoming a TRATO ambassador and I undoubtedly knew that there was something special about him. He came to us with a sense of passion and dedication that I knew would be our loss if we didn’t take him. Since that day in August, Chris has created a revolution in Venice, one that is uniting ocean conservation and youth. He has taken the role of an ambassador into his own hands, and is slowly becoming a very well respected and highly valued activist. He has made his presence known and is planning, executing and implementing events that have all proven to be very successful in spreading TRATOS mission. I feel lucky to have Chris part of the TRATO team and know that he is destined to do profound things… he already is! – Tiffany V.

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