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Activists with the Sea Shepard Conservation Society have launched a campaign to put an end to Hawaii's tropical fish trade, which involves the annual buying and selling of these fish for aquariums. Scientists say the aquarium fishery off the Big Island is among the best managed in the world, but protesters argue that this practice, [...]

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Where are you from? Southern California, I lived most of my life in Costa Mesa. When was the first time you experienced the ocean? I grew going to the beach. I remember as toddler my parents having the crib in the sand for me and playing in the water while wearing a diaper. What about [...]

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In the sea of people, it is rare to find someone quite like Christopher King. We first met Chris while exhibiting at the Abbot Kinney Festival in Venice Beach. He will admit that the Album Surfboard standing outside our booth is what drew him in. However it was shortly after that initial pull that he [...]

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Divers Clean Reefs to Save Marine Life

Artificial reefs, created by intentionally sinking ships, provide a home for marine life of all types. The sites attract fishermen and divers, who unintentionally leave trash behind, some of which is deadly to marine mammals. A team of conservation divers visits three reefs to carefully extract fishing line and anchor rope that have become entangled [...]

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The Best Way to Deal With Ocean Trash

Tony Haymet, former director of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, has heard hundreds of ocean cleanup plans. Late at night, over many beers, he's come up with a few dozen of his own. None of them, he says, has seemed likely to work.That includes this spring's offerings. A Dutch engineering student, Boyan Slat, envisions a [...]

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Is Japan’s Dolphin Slaughter Really for Food?

It's Friday in Taiji and another pod of dolphins has been driven into the killing cove. It was just last weekend that the world watched in shock as over 200 dolphins awaited their fate there. Representatives from marine parks and swim-with-dolphins programs selected 52 dolphins for display, the first being an albino calf, estimated to [...]

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Dolphins Protect Long-Distance Swimmer From Shark

Watch more news videos | Latest world news  A long-distance swimmer seeking to become the first British man to complete the Ocean’s Seven, a group of seven long-distance swims around the world, was protected on his journey by a pod of dolphins who scared off a shark, according to the swimmer’s support team. Adam Walker [...]

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California Coastal Cleanup Day

Sign up to get involved with TRÄTO in cleaning up our beaches. Sign up below and we will contact you with details. Help us protect our beloved marine life.

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Oceana celebrates the creation of three protected fishing areas in the Balearic Islands

Today’s Official State Gazette (BOE) announces the protection from trawling of the coralligenous and rhodolith seabeds of the summits of Ausias March and Emile Baudot, two seamounts in the channel of Mallorca, and the Fort d’en Moreu, a coralligenous reef to the east of Cabrera. August 11, 2014MadridContact: mmadina@oceana.org http://oceana.org/en/eu/media-reports/press-releases/oceana-celebrates-the-creation-of-three-protected-fishing-areas-in-the-balearic-islands?akid=3330.845669.rlsk36&rd=1&t=1&utm_campaign=enews&utm_medium=mailing&utm_source=wavemakers

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Tell President Obama the seismic fight isn’t over

The Obama Administration made a huge mistake yesterday, authorizing the use of deadly seismic blasting of the U.S. East Coast. These blast threaten to injure or kill up to 138,200 marine mammals—including endangered right whales—and devastate coastal communities who depend on tourism, fishing, and coastal recreation. JOIN AT OCEANA

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