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Founded in 2015, TRÄTO was developed by a group of activists motivated to change the way our school systems operate by implementing strategies and educational lectures to empower students to protect our oceans.  We have created practical standards and protocols for schools to “GO B.L.U.E.” all of  which serve to bring awareness to ocean conservation.  By affording schools the opportunity to teach educational lectures,  go on environmentally focused field-trips and to learn small life-style changes, students can implement these tools to make their individual impact. We strive to create a empowered culture where our younger generations adopt these practices  and lead by example for future generations so they too can bare witness to a healthy and thriving ocean. If we choose to not take action and change the way history is repeating itself,  our oceans will be so full of trash our children will be at risk entering it.  More terrifying, the decline in wild fish will leave us with no other option than eating farmed fish. It is time to reach our kids and teach them why it is important to protect the oceans and more pressing, how to do so.


Please see our featured article on Global Animal for other ways we are fighting to protect our oceans.

TRÄTO Makes A Splash In Ocean Conversation

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